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10 Beach Umbrellas That Offer An Instant Escape From The Summer Sun

A day at the beach is only as enjoyable as all the stuff you tote along. Maybe it’s a well-stocked cooler and a few comfortable beach chairs. Maybe it’s a set of super absorbent beach towels and some really fun beach games. But a good beach umbrella is one of those things you don’t realize how much you need until you go without it. After all, the best beach umbrellas can help shield you from the sun’s rays, provide cool shade and even inject a little extra style into your beach excursion.

But not all beach umbrellas are created equal, with cheaper options too small or too flimsy to offer enough protection from the sun, or too lightweight to hold up to even the slightest breeze. Maybe you’re in the market for one that doubles as a tent, or one that’s sizable enough to shade your whole family. Maybe you need a beach umbrella that angles with the sun or one with a sturdy bag for easy carrying.

Luckily there are enough quality options out there, many at very reasonable prices, to suit every need, so you can find the very best beach umbrella for you.

Best Beach Umbrella Overall

Blissun 7.2′ Portable Beach Umbrella

The best beach umbrella can withstand high winds, provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays and be easily adjusted. This Blissun Portable Beach Umbrella can do all three and more. Packaged with a heavy-duty sand anchor, this umbrella remains secure and in place all day long. Plus, to stay covered from the moving sun, it includes a locking push button tilt feature to adjust accordingly. When it’s time to pack up, easily contract the umbrella and place it in its compact traveling case.

Best Beach Umbrella For Wind

Nautica 7-Foot Beach Umbrella

Watching your umbrella fly away is the last thing you want to happen while relaxing on the beach. This 7-foot beach umbrella takes the stress away with its twist-in power base which secures it thoroughly in the sand. You can still enjoy the cool ocean breeze with its vented canopy lined with a clear coating to protect against UV rays. Available in a tropical blue color, this umbrella should be a staple at the beach this summer.

Best Beach Umbrella For Families

Oileus X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent Sun Shelter

Nobody wants to be the person stuck in the sun all day long on a family trip to the beach. Available in orange and blue, this beach tent from Oileus can fit two adults and two children comfortably. With two built-in windows, it won’t feel stuffy and you’ll get to feel the wind rustle through your hair. To keep it tidy, there’s internal pockets to store sunscreen, drinks and anything else that you don’t want on the ground. Think of this beach tent as a mini cabana.

, 10 Beach Umbrellas That Offer An Instant Escape From The Summer Sun, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Best Beach Umbrella For Travel

Leiker 5.5′ Beach Umbrella

Planning a weekend trip to the beach? In addition to the towels and coolers, you can’t forget a beach umbrella. Many tend to ditch the umbrellas because they are usually heavy and bulky. More sweat, no thanks. However, this Leiker Beach Umbrella weighs only five pounds and comes with a carry bag and shoulder strap. Equipped with an auger screw tip to secure the umbrella in the sand, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free experience without the sweat and tears. This umbrella is available in three vibrant blue, orange and yellow floral patterns.

Best Value Beach Umbrella

L.L Bean Wind Challenger Beach Umbrella

Looking for a high-quality umbrella at a great price? This Wind Challenger Beach Umbrella is protective, sturdy and lightweight. Designed with an innovative, patented venting system, the wind is able to pass through without tipping the umbrella over. Not only is this umbrella sturdy, it also provides UPF 50+ sun protection to help ensure an enjoyable day at the beach without unwanted sunburns.

Best Beach Umbrella For Making a Statement

Serena & Lily Beach Umbrella

There are plenty of beach umbrellas out there that blend into the crowd. This stylish Serena & Lily option is not one of them. Its pretty pattern—choose between Beach Club Coastal Blue (pictured) and Gingham Coastal Blue—a reclaimed timber pole and fun tassel fringe trim make it an elevated option that really stands out. It also has a screw base to easily anchor it in the sand, and an easy-to-maneuver joint for angling with the sun. Plus, it comes with a matching carry bag to allow you to move it from the beach to your home.

Sturdiest Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

This beach umbrella from Tommy Bahama has a built-in sand anchor at the bottom to keep it sturdy and stable. With its top vent designed, gusts of wind pass right through, instead of blowing the umbrella over. And at less than five pounds, you can easily transport it to your favorite beach and you’re ready to go.

Best Beach Umbrella Tent

Sumbababy Large Beach Tent

Sometimes it can be difficult to claim your territory on a crowded beach, but a large beach tent can do the work for you. This from Sumbababy requires no assembly and pops up automatically. Lined with a special silver coated fabric, this beach tent provides coverage from sun rays and shade for reading a good book or scrolling through your phone. With a 100% money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Best UV Resistant Beach Umbrella

St. Tropez Beach Umbrella

Do you refrain from the beach from fear of getting a sunburn? You’re not alone, but that doesn’t have to be a problem anymore with this St. Tropez Beach Umbrella. Made with a UV-resistant canvas, this umbrella blocks 98% of rays and has UPF 50+. Not only will your skin stay protected, but the beautiful blue color will remain vibrant all summer long.

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