, 9 Mattresses For Heavy People That Have The Right Amount Of Support, The Nzuchi News Forbes

9 Mattresses For Heavy People That Have The Right Amount Of Support

, 9 Mattresses For Heavy People That Have The Right Amount Of Support, The Nzuchi News Forbes

A good mattress is essential for feeling your best. If you don’t sleep well, it can seriously mess with your quality of life, especially over time. A comfortable bed with appropriate support can go a long way towards improving sleep quality, but most standard mattresses are only designed to support around 230 to 250 pounds per side. If you’re heavier than that, you may notice dipping or sagging that makes it hard to get comfortable or, worse, leaves you tired and cranky during the day thanks to poor sleep. The best mattresses for heavy people are designed with all of these issues in mind, solving the most common mattress woes to help you get better rest.

Heavier sleepers typically deal with five major issues—mattress softening and breakdown, mattress sagging, poor or improper support, lack of edge support and heat trapping. Mattresses that are designed for plus-size and big-and-tall sleepers address all of these areas. They’re usually thicker and made with sturdier materials. In most cases, they also feature some type of cooling technology that helps dissipate heat and ensures you stay comfy while you snooze.

If you’re looking to upgrade your sleep setup to give you the support you need, check out 7 of the best mattresses for heavy people below. While most of them are on the firmer side—it’s necessary for proper support—there are some plusher options too.

Best Mattress For Heavy People Overall

Helix Plus

Helix Plus Mattress

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  • Mattress thickness: 13 inches
  • Weight limit: 500 pounds on each side (1,000 pounds total)
  • Firmness rating: 7 to 8 out of 10 (firm)
  • Sleep trial: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 15 year limited

The Helix Plus is a hybrid mattress that combines wrapped coils with several layers of foam. Each foam layer has a different density, strategically chosen to contour your body and give you some serious pressure relief. But the star of the show is a high-density, four-pound foam that provides maximum support so your mattress doesn’t dip or sag, as well as an extra layer of comfort.

In between the foam layers sit hundreds of extra-tall wrapped coils that are designed to support heavier weight. These coils, which are reinforced around the perimeter of the mattress, cradle your body and provide extra edge support so the side doesn’t compress, even if you roll away from the center. And everything is wrapped in a breathable Tencel cover that promotes air flow, so you stay cool and comfortable while you sleep.

Best Cooling Mattress For Heavy People

Big Fig

  • Mattress thickness: 13 inches
  • Weight limit: 550 pounds on each side (1,100 pounds total)
  • Firmness rating: 6 to 7 out of 10 (medium firm)
  • Sleep trial: 120 nights
  • Warranty: 20 year limited

Big Fig only makes one mattress, and it’s perfectly designed for heavier sleepers. The 13-inch mattress combines three layers of high-density foam with one layer of gel-infused latex foam that’s perforated to allow air to flow through the mattress, ensuring that its breathable and stays cool. The foam layers sit on top of 1,600 individually-wrapped coils—50% more than standard innerspring mattresses—that support your weight, no matter your sleeping position.

The quilted mattress topper is treated with ThermoGel cooling technology, which doesn’t just help pull heat away from your body, it actively cools you down. If you start sweating in the middle of the night, the ThermoGel senses the increase in moisture and creates a cooling sensation that keeps your body temperature stable.

Big Fig also offers a foundation that supports 2,000 pounds, five times the amount of standard foundations. It has 18 slats and two center rails that help evenly distribute weight, preventing your mattress from sagging.

Best Mattress For Heavy People With Back Pain

Saatva HD

  • Mattress thickness: 15.5 inches
  • Weight limit: 500 pounds on each side (1,000 pounds total)
  • Firmness rating: Medium firm
  • Sleep trial: 180 nights
  • Warranty: 20 year non-prorated

If you’re struggling with back pain caused by (or at least exacerbated by) your current mattress, the Saatva HD mattress is the upgrade you need. It combines two layers of memory foam that help relieve pressure and improve circulation with a layer of five-zone Talalay latex, the cream of the crop when it comes to mattress materials. The latex layer has a patented spinal zone technology that has different layers of density. In other words, it’s softer in some areas and firmer in others to give you maximum pressure-point relief and additional lumbar support.

The memory foam and latex layers sit on top of steel coils that are 25% stronger than other standard spring mattresses. And the coils are threaded with steel wire to reinforce the mattress and help reduce motion transfer. And unlike other mattresses that come rolled in a box, all Saatva mattresses are handmade to order and delivered right to your bedroom with free white glove delivery.

Best Firm Mattress For Heavy People

Titan Firm Hybrid

  • Mattress thickness: 11 inches
  • Weight limit: 500 pounds on each side (1,000 pounds total)
  • Firmness rating: 8 to 10 out of 10 (firm)
  • Sleep trial: 120 nights
  • Warranty: 10 year

The firmest mattress on this list, the Titan Firm Hybrid balances an ideal amount of pressure relief with a solid surface that doesn’t buckle under heavier weights. The mattress combines two layers of foam—a gel memory foam that’s cooling and helps resist body impressions and a TitanFlex foam that provides enhanced contouring to relieve your pressure points. These foam layers sit on top of 961 individually-wrapped coils that provide plenty of support, while also isolating motion.

The Titan Hybrid is finished off with a high-density foam base that reinforces the coils and prevents them from buckling as they compress. If you’re a hot sleeper and you want extra cooling support, you can add an optional cooling top panel (for an extra $150) that disperses heat on contact and helps keep you comfortable.

Best Mattress For Heavy People Who Like A Plush Feel

Purple Hybrid Premier 4

  • Mattress thickness: 13 inches
  • Weight limit: 300 pounds on each side (600 pounds total)
  • Firmness rating: Plush to medium
  • Sleep trial: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10 year

Purple mattresses are unlike any others. Rather than memory foam, they’re made from a hyper-elastic polymer gel grid that dynamically flexes under pressure points, so no matter which position you’re in, your shoulders and hips are cradled and your spine stays properly aligned. When you move or readjust your sleeping position, the grid responds automatically, so there’s no sinking or waiting period like with memory foam. The grid is also temperature-neutral and has open air channels so it doesn’t trap body heat.

, 9 Mattresses For Heavy People That Have The Right Amount Of Support, The Nzuchi News Forbes

The grid sits on top of a layer of stainless steel coils that support heavier weights while providing dynamic pressure relief when you shift and change positions. And each coil is individually-wrapped in a noise-reducing fabric so the bed stays silent, if you’re a tosser and turner. While the Premier 4 is Purple’s most expensive mattress, it’s worth the extra cost since it’s also the thickest—and the thicker the gel grid, the less pressure you’ll feel.

Best Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers

DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud Premier

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  • Mattress thickness: 15 inches
  • Weight limit: N/A
  • Firmness rating: 6.5 (luxury firm)
  • Sleep trial: 365 nights
  • Warranty: Lifetime

The softest mattress on this list, the DreamCloud Premier is the best choice for side sleepers. It has two layers of memory foam—one that contours to your body in response to pressure and another that supports your weight while isolating motion. This helps relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips when you’re sleeping on your side, but also provides adequate support to keep your spine aligned if you shift to your back during the night.

On top of the memory foam sits a Eurotop cover that has premium, high-loft memory foam to create a cloud-like (hence the name) weightless effect. The Eurotop is covered with Mongolian cashmere that’s not only ultra soft, it’s also moisture-wicking and cooling so if you tend to sleep on the hotter side, you’ll stay nice and comfy without overheating. And everything is built on a layer of heavy duty encased coils that are arranged in a double row for superior edge-to-edge support.

Most Supportive Mattress For Heavy People

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Series Mattress

  • Mattress thickness: 14.75 inches
  • Weight limit: 300 pounds on each side (600 pounds total)
  • Firmness rating: Medium
  • Sleep trial: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10 year limited

The Harmony Lux Diamond—a luxury model from the highly-recommended Beautyrest company—combines support, comfort and cooling technology, the trifecta for heavy sleepers. The mattress is constructed of three different types of memory foam—gel memory foam, Dynamic Response memory foam and Micro Diamond memory foam—that all work together to cradle your body, providing support where you need it and pressure relief where you don’t. The memory foam layers sit on top of a pocketed coil system that supports heavier people and distributes weight evenly, so you don’t feel any sagging or dipping.

If you prefer your mattresses a little softer, there’s also an option to add a pillow top (for an extra $300), but keep in mind that softer materials tend to break down faster under heavier weights. Since the pillow top is non-removable, you may be better off purchasing a mattress topper that’s more easily replaced.

Best Luxury Mattress For Heavy People

Avocado Organic Luxury Plush Mattress

  • Mattress thickness: 15 inches
  • Weight limit: 350 pounds on each side (700 pounds total)
  • Firmness rating: Medium soft
  • Sleep trial: 1 year
  • Warranty: 25 years

Avocado is known for its super comfy eco-friendly mattresses, like this Luxury Plush model, which is made with 21 layers of organic materials such as latex, alpaca, wool and mohair. It has more than 3,000 coils so sleepers of all types feel supported in areas like the neck and back, which is especially important for heavier people. Plus, this mattress contours to your unique body shape to provide optimal support in a more personalized way than other mattresses.

For heavier people, finding a mattress that is sturdy and durable is another factor to take into consideration. Avocado mattresses are made with a needle-tufting technique which pulls ribbons through the mattress and binds the layers together for a heavy-duty construction that’s under warranty for 25 years.

Best Adjustable Mattress For Heavy People

Sleep Number i10 360 Smart Bed

  • Mattress thickness: 13 inches
  • Weight limit: 500 pounds (no base) and 600 pounds (with base)
  • Firmness rating: Adjustable based on preference
  • Sleep trial: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 15-year limited

If you and your partner have different sleep preferences, or your preferred mattress firmness changes by the day, an adjustable mattress is a solution that can keep everyone happy. This Sleep Number i10 360 Smart Bed gives you the ability to adjust its firmness based on your needs. And if you’re not really sure what you want, it can automatically adjust based on your movement and sleep history. Its temperature-regulating Smart 3D fabric also works to absorb excess heat and wick away moisture, leaving you with a cool surface that’s 50% more breathable than others on the market.

If you want to see tangible evidence of improved sleep quality, you can check your SleepIQ score through the free app, and seek recommendations on how to get even better sleep. Any bed can also have a FlexFit smart adjustable base added (for an extra cost). For those who snore, this will give you the option to slowly raise the head of the bed to alleviate snoring caused by poor sleep positioning.

What Is The Best Mattress For A Heavy Person?

For sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds, having a medium-firm or firm mattress is generally considered best. A firm mattress helps provide more support for your weight to keep the body in proper alignment during the night. However, the best mattress is really subjective based on an individual’s sleep habits, movement patterns and temperature preferences.

Do Mattresses Have A Weight Limit?

Mattress made for individual sleepers are usually designed to hold up to 230 to 250 pounds. However, mattresses designed for more than one person person such as kings and queens, typically have a 500-pound weight limit, 25o pounds per size. Keep in mind that this will vary based on brand, model and mattress size. The mattresses on this list are meant for heavier weights and, as such, have higher weight limits.

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Have A Weight Limit?

Memory foam mattresses themselves typically don’t have a weight limit, however, the foundations that support them usually do. When it comes to finding a memory foam mattress for a heavier person, make sure to look at the foam density. Typically, a foam density of 2.2 pounds or higher (4 to 5 pounds) will provide optimal support for a person over 250 pounds. Again, this varies based on an individual’s body size and sleep preferences.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good For Heavier Sleepers?

Memory foam mattresses can be good for heavier sleepers since they offer pressure relief and even weight distribution. However, some memory foam mattresses can create pressure points for heavier sleepers, making them uncomfortable (and potentially painful). If a memory foam mattress isn’t for you, latex mattresses, which are typically softer and mold to your body more, may be another way to go.

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