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Apple Accidentally Confirms Powerful MacBook Pro Upgrade

Tim Cook and his teams at Apple may not have announced any new Mac hardware running Apple Silicon at this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference, but the presentations have given us enough information on the future of the Mac platform.

But Apple has accidentally confirmed a new ARM-based processor for its hardware.

Last year saw Apple debut its Apple Silicon chip in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini with the M1 chip. Earlier this year the M1 chip showed up in the redesigned iMac desktops. All four of these machines can be seen as ‘entry level’ hardware; Apple brought more power to the Mac, but in a typically conservative move these were not ‘power-critical’ machines, instead they were targeted towards consumers and general purpose computing.

The machines that creates would use – typically the higher end 13-inch MacBook Pro, the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and the higher specced iMacs – are still waiting to switch over to Apple Silicon. Many expected that the developer-focused machines would debut at the developers’ conference. Not only that, but the expectations also included an uprated Mxx processor, presumptivly called the M1X.

Rather than a full update to the M2, this would be an intermediate step, presumably with extra cores for computational and graphical prowess using the same base hardware as the M1 processor. This would offer the extra power the higher-specced Macs traditionally offer, while holding back the move to M2 for a later date.

, Apple Accidentally Confirms Powerful MacBook Pro Upgrade, The Nzuchi News Forbes

The obvious date would be late October, making it an annual update to the Mxx chip, much as Apple offers an annual update to the Axx processors in the iPhone, but Apple could be working a two year cycle, so we get the M1 in 2020, the M1X in 2021, and then the M2 update in 2022.


No matter the timing, the M1X didn’t show up on the WWDC stage. But it did show up on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

Spotted by Twitter user Max Balzer, the livestream of the WWDC keynote included the keywords ‘MacBook Pro” and “M1X” in the metadata. Someone was ready for the new hardware to be announced and searched for. 

And now we know that Apple is ready for the M1X. The question now is when we’ll see it, because anyone looking to buy a powerful Mac should really wait for the uprated chip to arrive.

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