, Capri Is COVID-Free And Ready For Your Visit, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Capri Is COVID-Free And Ready For Your Visit

, Capri Is COVID-Free And Ready For Your Visit, The Nzuchi News Forbes

With over 80 percent of Capri’s residents and workers vaccinated, the island is now considered COVID-free and is gearing up for a full return to tourism this summer. Thanks to its successful vaccination campaign (far ahead of other parts of Italy), visitors are returning to Capri, however, now remains a great time to visit with slightly fewer tourists and cruise ships docking on the island. While Capri is usually completely booked out months in advance, you’ll still have the opportunity to book a room and snag a table but you have to move fast.

Fancy a trip to Capri this year? Here’s where you’ll want to stay, eat, shop and more.  

Where to Stay in Capri

Capri Tiberio Palace is an institution on the island offering a central location and beautifully designed rooms. Built in 1920, the property has seen an array of illustrious guests from movie stars to literary legends (F Scott Fitzgerald used to stay here). Pick a room with one their colorfully tiled balconies to wake up to a fantastic view of Capri. With an array of art and unique touches, this hotel feels more like a sprawling home than a hotel. “The eclectic and visionary approach of the interior designer, Mr. Giampiero Panepinto, characterizes the whole property,” says Martino Acampora, CEO of Shedir Hospitality Holding. “The concept is to be the house of a traveler, with pieces of art and installations which remind of many journeys taken.”

If you fancy a good cocktail or want to enjoy a Mediterranean meal, you can enjoy both without leaving Capri Tiberio Palace. Head to Jacky Bar to enjoy a refined mixology experience using ingredients from Capri Tiberio Palace’s private vegetable garden. Naturally, their signature cocktail is the Tiberio Garden made with Vermouth Rosso, Bitter Campari, fresh lemon and orange juice, orange milk, sage and mint leaves with ginger soda. We are near the former home of Emperor Tiberius after all. 


After your cocktail hour head to Terrazza Tiberio for dinner. Here you should definitely try their il “cappuccino di mare” which is made with creamed cod with potatoes and sea urchin powder, and the egg tortellini which features freshly-made pasta stuffed with Pecorino cheese and clam sauce. The restaurant also has kosher offerings certified by the Orthodox Union south of Rome. For both the traditional and kosher menu, authenticity and top-quality seasonal ingredients are the number one priority. “Under the new lead of the executive chef Nello Siano, our a-la-carte menu has been defined by a very attentive selection of fresh ingredients,” says Oliver Hutten, general manager.

Where to Explore in Capri

With its rugged and hilly landscape, Capri is very much an active island which should be explored on foot (bring comfortable shoes). From the hotel, you can head uphill towards Villa Jovis which was former Emperor Tiberius’ residence on the blue island and where you’ll enjoy sprawling views of the Sorrento Coast. The Pizzolungo walk is another beautiful hike through the woods overlooking Marina Piccola Bay and where you will face Villa Malaparte, Punta Campanella and the Amalfi Coast.

Where to Eat

Now that you’ve explored Capri Tiberio Palace and the nearby nature paths in full, it’s time to check out more of the island. Take one of Capri’s colorful, open-air taxis to Anacapri to visit famous Il Riccio, a waterside restaurant perfect for lunch. After having a cocktail or two at their outdoor Dior pop-up at their bar next door, head inside to enjoy an array of seafood, pastas and leave some room for their temptation room, a space filled with all of the desserts you can imagine. The name of the restaurant is sea urchin in Italian, so if you’re a fan of the prickly seafood here you can try it all forms — fresh, dried and in a bowl of pasta, of course. 

Another favorite and must-visit, is Da Paolino a restaurant set in a lemon garden. Naturally everything from the décor to the food is lemon-themed, and their Ravioli Caprese in lemon sauce are a must. 

Whether you’re an active traveler or just like to enjoy excellent Italian cuisine, there’s something for everyone in Capri. Especially now as the island has re-opened as COVID-free and the hospitality industry ready to welcome guests from around the world.

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