, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Still Has 60% Of The Development Team Still Working On The Game, The Nzuchi News Forbes

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Still Has 60% Of The Development Team Still Working On The Game

We are approaching six months post-release for Cyberpunk 2077, and as we know, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Patches and fixes as the game tries to get back on the PlayStation Store, free DLC coming to the existing version, PS5 and Xbox Series X next-gen versions coming before the end of the year. Oh, and larger, Witcher 3-style paid DLC sometime in 2022, supposedly.

This week, CDPR revealed that it still had 300 people working on Cyberpunk 2077, six months later, even with many people departing after the original game was released and they got their bonuses. That needs some context, so it’s pretty significant, given that Cyberpunk had 400 people working on it in 2019, and that was later upped to 500 people in 2020. So in short, at least 60% of the total development team working on the game ahead of release is still working on the game now.

That’s as CDPR spools up to move on to other projects besides Cyberpunk, according to recent job listings. They cancelled the multiplayer Cyberpunk title they were going to do, so the assumption is they are heading back to The Witcher franchise in some form. For additional context, it took about 150-250 people to ship The Witcher 3. Yes, obviously The Witcher 3 turned out much better, showing that as your team and project scope expands, that can come with additional problems and complications.

Is this…good news? I mean, I think so.

CDPR has said repeatedly that they want to invest in fixing and adding to Cyberpunk 2077 for the long haul in order so it can keep selling well into the future. This is the opposite of what I theorized a while ago, that they were cutting their losses and moving on, though of course what they say and what actually happens could be two different things.


It stands to reason that the PS5/Xbox Series X release could be a soft relaunch of the entire game if CDPR can point to it and go, “look it’s fixed now!” At that point, it may also have additional free DLC for players to dive back into and play. Though the idea that Cyberpunk will recover completely from its recently disastrous sales does seem somewhat unlikely. The narrative is just…out of their hands now, and nothing they’ve done in the past six months has done anything to change that, no matter how many fixes and patches the game has gotten.

, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Still Has 60% Of The Development Team Still Working On The Game, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Maybe, maybe if in 2022 Cyberpunk 2077 gets some massive Hearts of Stone/Blood and Wine type expansion DLC that is amazing, that could change the conversation, but just a next gen “fixed now” version layered on top of some small free DLC is probably not going to do it.

Still, 300 people continuing to work on the game is significant, and I’ll look forward to seeing what they come up with. Even if they really, really don’t like talking about it or releasing actual numbers or future dates to watch.

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