, Disney Plus Is Absolutely Assembling The Young Avengers For The MCU, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Disney Plus Is Absolutely Assembling The Young Avengers For The MCU

, Disney Plus Is Absolutely Assembling The Young Avengers For The MCU, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Alright, at this point, I’m calling it. It’s extremely clear that Disney is setting up a different sort of Avengers assembling in the near future here, and it’s doing so mainly through the vehicle of its Disney Plus offerings.

We are now four for four in terms of Disney Plus series arriving with members of the comics’ Young Avengers team in some form or another, even if one of the shows hasn’t aired yet.

WandaVision – Wiccan and Speed, Billy and Tommy, Wanda’s children. Yes, they were imaginary in the end, but the series concludes with Wanda hearing their voices, and it stands to reason they’ll be back. And perhaps they’ll have aged further to be a proper age for a superhero squad.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier – This one was a lot more subtle, but in exploring the tragic tale of forgotten super-soldier Isaiah Bradley, we met his grandson, Eli Bradley, who eventually becomes Patriot in the Young Avengers.

Loki – Sylvie is almost certainly a version of Enchantress, who in the comics, wanted to be in the Young Avengers so bad she used magic to change team members’ minds to support her inclusion. Here, she’s older and pretty villainous, so maybe it’s not in her future, and yet Enchantress was a member of the team all the same.


Hawkeye – The entire premise of the upcoming Hawkeye series with Jeremy Renner is that he’s training Kate Bishop (Hailey Steinfeld), who is a core member of the Young Avengers once they’re assembled.

So, that’s the Disney Plus series we have, but it’s not even all the connections.

, Disney Plus Is Absolutely Assembling The Young Avengers For The MCU, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Stinger (Cassie Lang) – She was aged-up when Scott Lang returned after being in the Quantum Realm after everyone was Thanos snapped, and with the upcoming third Ant-Man movie, it stands to reason she may be involved there too.

Miss America (America Chavez) – This one ain’t a rumor. It’s a hard fact that Young Avengers member America Chavez will appear in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, played by actress Xochitl Gomez.

Iron Lad – This one may be more of a reach, but as a younger version of Kang the Conqueror, it stands to reason that Iron Lad could also be involved in Ant-Man 3 where Kang is confirmed to be the main villain of that film.

In fact there’s really only one major Young Avengers member I can’t really place right now, Hulkling. But with a new Captain Marvel movie on the way and more cosmic tales generally, there are a few various opportunities where he could appear.

Where is all this leading? I mean, the obvious bet is to a Young Avengers Disney Plus series combining all these characters, or an Avengers-scale blockbuster movie series. There are other younger characters that could be attached too, like Peter Parker or Ms. Marvel, but I wonder if they’ll be doing parallel Avengers/Young Avengers storylines, keeping the groups separate and more rooted in the comics.

This is happening, it’s just a matter of how long it’s going to take to assemble.

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