, ‘Fortnite’: Where And How To Mark An Alien Egg, The Nzuchi News Forbes

‘Fortnite’: Where And How To Mark An Alien Egg

, ‘Fortnite’: Where And How To Mark An Alien Egg, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Well, it looks like we’re getting ready to parent some aliens in this week’s installment of Fortnite: Battle Royale legendary challenges. We’re got to build a hatchery, stock up on advice books, so on and so forth: we’ll see where this is going in a bit, I suppose, but for right now the narrative is clear. One thing that might be a bit confusing is how to mark an alien egg, so let’s get some clarity on that.

Alien Eggs can be found all over the map, and the game recommends that you go to Holly Hatchery to get this done. That place is a mess, however, and I wasn’t able to complete the objective there. A better place to go is right by the Aftermath, where there are a couple scattered around. Look right here:

Once you get there, however, you might be a little confused about how to do it. “Mark” in this instance is just the standard ping, not some sort of interaction: getting close enough to one of these things to do something to it is basically impossible. But all you need to do is point your reticule at the egg and hit the ping button: it’s middle mouse button on PC. Do that to move on with the quest.

We’ll see how this goes: are we going to hatch our very own alien companion? How would that even work, in a Legendary Quest capacity? For now, it’s a fun little narrative element to these quests, and I always like when it works that way. Check back for more.


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