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“Go(o)d Mornings With CurlyNikki” – A New And Powerful Podcast To Help You Start Your Day With Love, Energy, And Gratitude

Nikki Walton is a viral website creator, spiritual messenger, and television personality. And as if she is not already busy enough -– Walton is gearing up to launch yet another enlightening and life-changing endeavor to promote healing and wellness in the world. Walton’s new podcast, “Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki,” debuts this Monday, June 14. The podcast is aimed at helping people find peace in chaos, love in fear, silence in noise, and light in darkness — and her international fanbase could not be any more excited. 

Beginning this Monday, June 14, “Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki” will broadcast each weekday at 7 am ET and will feature powerful messages to help listeners start their day with a greater sense of love energy, and gratitude. Her audience will begin to recognize the “go(o)d in everything, including themselves,” Walton shared. “Every day will be a different spiritual practice to help listeners wake up and choose love and continue choosing love all day.” The podcast has been a long time coming and a highly anticipated effort that Walton’s followers have been craving. “Only love is here. Only love is real.” This is the message that the creator of CurlyNikki.com shares daily with her nearly 1 million followers across Instagram and Facebook, and it’s having a positive effect on the world. 

Under a recent Instagram post, one person commented, “I love you, Nikki, you changed the entire trajectory of my existence” another posted, “you have touched and changed so many lives by spreading your message of love. Your meditations changed my life.” While speaking with Forbes, Walton revealed that the overwhelming amount of social media messages, emails, and call requests she receives inspired her to launch the daily morning podcast

“It’s a platform where although I may be talking to thousands of people, everyone who listens in can have an intimate experience with me. I want tuning in to feel as though I’m talking directly to each listener because I am,” she reflected. 


Walton shared that although many of the messages she receives appear to be very different from one another, the underlying problem is always the same — people contacting her who have forgotten or who were never aware that their true identity is “love.” 

“You appear to be a person. But, secretly, behind and beyond the person you believe yourself to be, you are love. For me, God is this formless, invisible, impersonal, but ever-present love that we all are.” So, how do we find our identity as love? Walton suggests that we “not only wake up to love but that we wake up as love, by feeling it and being it. We have to make that leap from being a person in the world to being the love that is needed in the world. The easiest time to set that intention is first thing in the morning.”   

, “Go(o)d Mornings With CurlyNikki” – A New And Powerful Podcast To Help You Start Your Day With Love, Energy, And Gratitude, The Nzuchi News Forbes

After a decades-long, around-the-world search for inner peace and lasting happiness, the NAACP Image Award-nominated and best-selling author came to that conclusion. She said, “I went from Africa to Brazil to Spain to Jerusalem to India, and back to Africa only to find that what I was searching for was in me, with me, appearing as me, all along. It didn’t matter if I was sitting in an ashram, a temple, a mosque, a cathedral, or an airplane. This presence was the same, and it was omnipresent.”  

Born in Fort Walton Beach, FL, to a Catholic family and raised in Ferguson, Missouri, Walton started asking the hard questions at just seven years old. Her parents took her to the priests and nuns at their church, and when they failed to deliver what she considered to be clear answers, she turned to the “New Age” aisle at the library. By college, she was reading books on Zen Buddhism, and in her late 20s, Walton found Advaita Vedanta and non-dual Christianity like the Infinite Way by Joel Goldsmith. Later, she began following Bhakti Yoga and the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba, which she recalled “changed everything” for her. 

During this time, Walton launched and was the editor-in-chief of the largest natural hair consumer site on CurlyNikki.com. Her followers appreciated her transparency and authenticity and her website quickly became a favorite space for women who were transitioning to natural hair — offering them education and entertainment. 

“The main focus of CurlyNikki is natural hair, but the site’s underlying theme is freedom. Freedom to be who you are, to love your hair and skin as they are. My journey of recognizing this inherent freedom was so powerful that I could not help but share my personal quest for freedom with other Black women. It started with me learning to accept and love my curly hair, but throughout my journey, I continued to peel back additional layers and eventually found love at the core.”  

Walton wanted Black women to have a better quality of life and not be plagued by the constant burden of always focusing on the appearance of their hair. A similar desire to be of service and alleviate suffering brought about the creation of her new podcast. 

“I want Go(o)d Mornings to be a fresh cup of coffee for listeners each morning. A new, daily ritual that will help them find peace in chaos, and light in darkness, no matter where they find themselves. I want everyone to know and feel that only love is here and that they are already and will always be free,” said Walton. 

In the preview episode, she refers to herself as a “little birdie” perched on the listener’s shoulder, helping to guide them, with “felt-love,” through their challenging moments.    Each weekday morning, Walton will introduce her audience to a different practice inspired by her personal experiences, ancient spiritual texts, and modern spiritual teachers and messengers. She calls these practices “easy access doors” to love, and after sharing them with the thousands of women she has worked with over the years, she knows that they are effective. Walton wants listeners to have instant access to the practices and teachings it took her more than ten years to find, try, and adopt. Walton wants “Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki” to be a constant companion for listeners and a resource that they can find solace in when they are upset so that they can choose to immediately turn to and remember the love that is ever-present within themselves.

Walton reflected on one of her favorite quotes from Joel Goldsmith, who said, “the vine consumeth not its own grapes.” This inspired her to donate 10% of revenue generated from “Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki” to “Showering Love,” a non-profit organization that restores good mornings, dignity, hope, and health to people experiencing homelessness by providing showers and other supportive services. Of the partnership, the CEO of the Florida-based non-profit, Jeanne Lewis Albaugh, says, “Showering Love is so grateful to be a part of Go(o)d Mornings. Let’s spread some love. Love connects us all.”

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