, Here’s Elon Musk’s The Trial Of Wario SNL Skit, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Here’s Elon Musk’s The Trial Of Wario SNL Skit

Well last night Elon Musk hosted Saturday Night Live, which if you were anywhere near the internet, you could not escape hearing about it. As expected, it was not especially good, partially because of Musk but I mean, SNL is also just…not very good in and of itself at this point.

The main headline coming out of the evening was the tanking of the price of Dogecoin, Elon Musk’s pet meme cryptocurrency that many assumed would soar during his appearance, especially if he dropped some references to it, but instead the opposite happened as sell-offs have caused the price to crash almost 40% at the time of this writing.

But, back to SNL itself. Elon Musk is a gamer, commenting on the likes of certain games every so often, most recently Cyberpunk 2077, and there was indeed at least one gaming-related sketch on SNL last night.

In it, Musk plays Wario, on trial for the murder of Mario during a Mario Kart race after spinning him out with a banana peel. You can see how that plays out below:

In the grand scheme of the night this may actually have been one of the better skits, although that’s not exactly saying a whole lot. Musk is fine here, but the whole concept could have used some work. I checked and the Wario Wiki they go to in the trial and those descriptions are actually real. You can check it out here. Waluigi is once again screwed over by being left out of the skit, only mentioned in passing.


Easily the highlight of the entire thing is Grimes, Elon Musk’s singer girlfriend (who also appears in Cyberpunk 2077) showing up as Princess Peach, revealed to be having an affair with Luigi. Would not have hated Grimes hosting the entire show to be honest.

, Here’s Elon Musk’s The Trial Of Wario SNL Skit, The Nzuchi News Forbes

I think they probably could have done a Cyberpunk 2077 sketch but I suppose that’s a game that’s a bit less…mainstream accessible than Mario, so I get it.

Frankly, I’m just glad the whole circus of Musk hosting is over as it was all-consuming this week. It wasn’t good but I suppose it could have been worse. As for Dogecoin and whether it recovers from this crash is anyone’s guess, but the meme could be dead at this point. But, all the die-hards I’m seeing online are saying to buy the dip, and with the way this thing works, a single tweet from Musk may send it soaring again, so who knows.

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