, How to watch all the Star Wars movies online, The Nzuchi News Forbes

How to watch all the Star Wars movies online

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, How to watch all the Star Wars movies online, The Nzuchi News Forbes

With a Patty Jenkins-directed movie and 10 new shows on the twin-sunned horizon, it’s safe to say Star Wars fans will be kept well-fed in the post-Skywalker Saga era. Still, we can’t blame you if it all feels a tad overwhelming — we’ve already got over forty years of storylines and more than 25,000 years of lore under our blaster holster belts, here. It’s a lot to remember for one simple (wo)man trying to make their way in the universe.

Need some guidance? We’ve got you covered: Here’s a how-to on watching the main Star Wars series before its next installments hit screens.

Where to watch the Star Wars movies

The Walt Disney Company dropped a ton of money in 2012 on Lucasfilm LTD, the production company behind Star Wars — $4.05 billion, to be exact — and has since moved the entire franchise onto its Disney+ platform. Nowadays, it’s the only place you can stream all 11 movies (the trilogy of trilogies plus two origin story spin-offs) as well as Star Wars animated series, shorts, specials, and canon TV shows like The Mandalorian.

You’ll have to go elsewhere if you want to rent or buy the Star Wars movies, though. Here’s where they were up for grabs at the time of writing (no guarantee they’ll stay there forever):

What’s the best order to watch the movies?

This question has ignited many a heated debate over the years, and the answer really depends on who you ask: Star Wars purists think you should watch them in release order; George Lucas thinks you should watch them in chronological order (based on the series’ events); and true fans think you should watch them in “Machete Order.” Click here for a more detailed explainer.

Okay, but what’s the best Star Wars movie?

You trying to start a fight or something? (Kidding, sort of.) We’ll leave this one to Mashable deputy editor Chris Taylor, our resident Star Wars historian — see his official ranking of all the Star Wars movies, including one “cinematic stepchild” that isn’t part of the main series but still screened in theaters.

Not a Disney+ subscriber yet? Hit the blue button below to sign up for $7.99 a month or $79.99 annually.

, How to watch all the Star Wars movies online, The Nzuchi News Forbes

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