, It’s Time For ‘Destiny 2’ To Make The Forsaken Expansion Free, The Nzuchi News Forbes

It’s Time For ‘Destiny 2’ To Make The Forsaken Expansion Free

, It’s Time For ‘Destiny 2’ To Make The Forsaken Expansion Free, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Destiny 2 has had a weird year, with content vaulting stripping out over the half the overall content in the game between the elimination of five zones and the complete dismantling of the original vanilla game storyline, along with its two expansions thereafter.

To partially offset this, Bungie has reworked the new player “New Light” free-to-play experience, which used to include all that, which now contains a short questline mostly focused on the Cosmodrome. It’s not much, and after that, most content other than the playlists and the odd dungeon or raid (VoG only, now) is what’s available to free players.

I was frankly surprised this didn’t happen during the original vaulting during Beyond Light, but I think it’s pretty clear that now is the time to make the Forsaken expansion free, which came out in 2018, and was highly praised as a solid piece of content.

What problems would this solve?

It would dramatically expand the content for New Light players to do. Unlike the Cosmodrome into missions, Forsaken is a fully structured storyline between the Baron Hunt in the Tangled Shore and the events of the Dreaming City thereafter. It would add another dungeon and raid for free-to-play players as well, arguably one of the best raids in the game’s history, Last Wish.


Given the current state of the game, it would tell the story of Uldren/Crow at a good time. If players are hopping into the game now, they might not understand who Crow is and why everyone is so squirrely around him. But playing through Forsaken, that would allow players to have some context as to his history, and given relevance to the pending return of Mara Sov. All they’d need to tweak is to make sure everyone sees Uldren’s resurrection scene, which is hidden behind a Dreaming City ritual that most will never complete. Yes, the story would suffer from not having the context of who Cayde is, given that the Red War campaign was ripped out, but it’s better than nothing.

, It’s Time For ‘Destiny 2’ To Make The Forsaken Expansion Free, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Finally, if Bungie ever wants to sunset the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City like they’ve said they’re going to, they’re probably going to have to make Forsaken free at some point. They’ve previously said something along those lines, so if not now, three years after release, when?

I feel like this would be better executed next season, not when The Witch Queen launches in early 2022. We are about to head into a long, long season ahead of that release, and this seems like a prime to given a boost to F2P players, who have had relatively little to do since Beyond Light took so much away. I think potentially vaulting the EDZ or Nessus, making Forsaken free, and adding Witch Queen and a new zone all at the same time would be a bit busy. Maybe spread it out by making Forsaken free now.

This has to happen sooner or later, and now seems like a good a time as any. We’ll see what Bungie’s thinking in a month or so, I’d imagine.

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