, Madden 22 Must Offer Exclusive Next-Gen Features That Move The Needle, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Madden 22 Must Offer Exclusive Next-Gen Features That Move The Needle

Many Madden fans are anxiously awaiting news on the next version of the game. With the game usually releasing in August, we’re fast approaching the timeframe when Madden news begins to drop.

Madden 22 will be the first version of the series where the development team has had something of a complete cycle to create a next-gen experience. Quite honestly, Madden 21 on next-gen systems failed to produce the gap that most expect when comparing a sports title on superior hardware to the last release on the current-gen systems.

Next-Gen Stats overlays that didn’t add much value to the experience and slightly impaired controls weren’t what most of us had in mind when we thought of a next-gen Madden experience.

The logical sports gamer offered EA a pass in this regard, considering we all experienced the impact of a pandemic, and the publisher didn’t charge an additional cost for the “upgraded” version.

Looking ahead to Madden 22, the consumer will rightfully expect a fully-fleshed out experience, and based on what has been delivered by the teams responsible for NBA 2K21 and MLB The Show 21, the bar has been set.

, Madden 22 Must Offer Exclusive Next-Gen Features That Move The Needle, The Nzuchi News Forbes

2K’s The City, an expanded MyCareer, and their layered franchise mode, MyNBA, were all next-gen exclusives. The graphics were also visibly superior.


The Show didn’t do much of anything to improve the game’s look, but they did incorporate the stellar Stadium Creator as a next-gen exclusive, and it has been a gamechanger.

Madden 22 needs to deliver something along those lines to turn the heads of consumers who are justified in expecting a next-gen product that will blow them away.

Here are three ways EA can impact both hardcore and casual Madden fans.

Improved Visuals and Animations

  • Many people say they don’t care about graphics, but at least half of them are lying. Visuals still matter. While perhaps not the end-all-be-all, a Madden with distinguishable visual upgrades is destined to grab the attention of most fans of the series.

Exclusive Modes

  • Both 2K and Sony went this route, and while gamers who haven’t upgraded may hate it, I’d understand if EA developed two or three modes that could only be played on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S/X. There is always a bumpy transition from one console generation to the next. At some point, developers and publishers have to create a gap between the version of their games on a superior system and the old consoles.

Franchise Mode Exclusives

  • EA is supposedly set to deliver a vastly improved franchise mode to its fans this year. If the publisher follows 2K’s lead and drops an experience that rivals MyNBA–but makes it exclusive to next-gen–it’ll ruffle some feathers. However, those who have upgraded will be over the moon. Based on EA’s track record with franchise mode, a concept that deep doesn’t seem likely–especially not this soon after their re-commitment to the mode–but it would be a welcomed surprise.
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