, ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Panther Expansion Boosted By Kratos And Evan Narcisse, The Nzuchi News Forbes

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Panther Expansion Boosted By Kratos And Evan Narcisse

, ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Panther Expansion Boosted By Kratos And Evan Narcisse, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Well, I have been saying this quite literally since December, given that leaked voicelines from T’Challa could be heard in the game files of Marvel’s Avengers for ages, but now it’s finally been confirmed just two weeks before the launch month of Black Panther: He’s being voiced by none other than Christopher Judge, the voice of Kratos in the most recent God of War.

We haven’t heard much from T’Challa himself in these preview trailers, only short glimpses, but yes, it’s him, and he just gave a lengthy interview to EW about the role, and what it means to take it on in the wake of Chadwick Boseman’s passing. Because of that, he didn’t even want to do it at first:

“I turned it down straight away,” Judge told EW “There’s many Black Panthers, but I really didn’t believe that anyone should ever do T’Challa again [after Boseman]. The actual talks proceeded and, basically, I wound up doing it because my mother and my children said if I didn’t do it, they would disown me.”

“To be quite honest, I was fearful of being compared to what Chadwick had so wonderfully done,” he said. “The only way I could really wrap my head around it was to not even attempt a voice match, to let my performance stand on its own. I put all that into it and hopefully people like it.”


If you have heard his take on T’Challa, it does not sound like Boseman at all, but you will recognize the Kratos in it a bit, with an additional accent of course. At the same time, in the same month, we’re about to hear Chadwick Boseman himself voice Black Panther one last time in What If…? Marvel’s upcoming animated series where one storyline is T’Challa becoming Star Lord instead of Peter Quill. It’s the last time we’ll see or hear him in the role, which was recorded before his death (not remixed from any old voicework or anything weird like that).

, ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Panther Expansion Boosted By Kratos And Evan Narcisse, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Christopher Judge is not the only boon to the Avengers’ Black Panther expansion, as Crystal Dynamics has also brought on Evan Narcisse as a Narrative Consultant. If you know Black Panther, you know Evan Narcisse, who wrote the Rise of the Black Panther comic series. He also recently worked on the Spider-Man: Miles Morales expansion. So obviously he’s a big asset to this project. Both Judge and Narcisse are supposed to be talking about the expansion in an Avengers stream later today.

Crystal Dynamics certainly pulls out all the stops when it comes to talent in Avengers. They launched the campaign with veteran voice actors like Nolan North (Tony Stark), Troy Baker (Bruce Banner) and Laura Bailey (Black Widow). Even their first expansion character, Kate Bishop, was the all-star Ashley Burch, voice of Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn and star of Apple’s Mythic Quest. Now Christopher Judge with Evan Narcisse helping out.

The ultimate fate of Avengers remains nebulous. It seems pretty clear that the Black Panther expansion is going to have to do exceedingly well to turn around interest in the game and warrant much further investment from Marvel and Square Enix on the project. We will get Spider-Man after Black Panther, something that was promised to Sony pre-launch, but after that, again, it all probably depends on spending and interest with the Wakanda expansion. We’ll see how it goes, but everything is at least in theory working in its favor.

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