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New Apple iPhone, MacBook Upgrade Details Suddenly Confirmed

Apple iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey were the highlights of WWDC 2021, packed with some great (and surprising) upgrades for iPhone, iPad and Mac/MacBook users. But now Apple has confirmed not everything you saw will arrive at launch and there are some surprising omissions. 

Spotted by AppleInsider, Apple has quietly revealed almost 20 major new features will be missing from iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monteray at release and no specific launch dates have been provided. 

Apple iPhone Owners: iOS 15 Features Missing At Launch 

  • ID in Wallet
  • App Privacy Report
  • Home keys, Hotel key, Office key, car keys and remote car key entry
  • Announce Messages in CarPlay
  • Hide My Email

Some of iOS 15’s most impressive announcements are in this list. ID in Wallet (now “late 2021”) breaks ground by supporting a recognized state ID and driver’s licence on your iPhone. The App Privacy Report will allow you to check how often apps snoop on your camera, microphone, contacts and location while Hide My Email allows you to use spoof addresses for site and product registrations. Updates here are even more vague (“coming in a software update to iOS 15”) while CarPlay and key entry features are likely waiting on third party support. 

Apple iPad Owners: iPadOS 15 Features Missing At Launch 

  • Hide My Email
  • Music: Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking
  • Music: Shared with You
  • Music: Photo Memories
  • Music: SharePlay


Hide My Email’s delay is shared with iOS 15, but the rest of the omissions center on Apple Music, despite all these features being ready for iPhone users when iOS 15 launches. There is currently no clear timeframe for when iPad owners will get feature parity with their iPhone owning counterparts. 

Apple Mac/MacBook Owners: macOS Monteray Features Missing At Launch 

  • Hide My Email
  • Photos: Memory mixes
  • Photos: Memories: Fresh new look
  • Photos: Memories: Memory looks
  • Photos: Memories: Interactive Interface
  • Photos: Memories: Browse view
  • Photos: Memories: New memory types
  • Photos: Memories: Watch next
  • Photos: Memories: Shared with You

Hide My Email is again a common theme but elsewhere everything is Photo-based. One interesting caveat is that Universal Control, while excluded from the first macOS Monteray beta, is not included in this list which means it should still arrive in time for launch. That said, these lists can get longer the closer we get to release. 

, New Apple iPhone, MacBook Upgrade Details Suddenly Confirmed, The Nzuchi News Forbes

For iPhone and MacBook Pro fans, hopes are high both platforms will launch with the next-generation hardware. An M1X chip inside the new MacBook Pro is the highlight, though it is also expected to have an overhauled design, thinner bezels, new color options and mark the death of the Touch Bar. 

For iPhone fans, there have been even more extensive leaks for the new iPhone 13 range. These include supersized rear cameras, Beamforming microphones, significantly larger batteries, up to 1TB of storage, 120Hz ProMotion displays (Pro models only) and – at long last – a smaller notch

Ultimately, if Apple can deliver on the hardware front, I suspect most users will not mind waiting a little longer for all their software features to catch up. 


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