, New Images Reveal Apple’s Stunning iPhone 13 Pro, The Nzuchi News Forbes

New Images Reveal Apple’s Stunning iPhone 13 Pro

, New Images Reveal Apple’s Stunning iPhone 13 Pro, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Apple’s next iPhone , the presumptively named iPhone 13 family, is expected to arrive in the traditional September slot in 2021. A number of details have leaked on the next-generation iOS-powered handset, and that’s enough to give us an idea of what Tim Cook and his team will bring to the stage.

The latest look at the design of the iPhone 13 Pro comes from the team at Let’s Go Digital. Working with Concept Creator, they have taken the latest information from the supply chain, various leaks, other sources to offer us our best look at the iPhone 13 Pro yet:

“In recent months, many details have already come out about the iPhone 2021 line-up. Based on all the rumors, the Dutch designer Jermaine Smit, aka Concept Creator , has made a series of 3D renders of the expected iPhone 13 Pro in collaboration with LetsGoDigital. “

The clear similarity between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 design language can be seen, and to be fair to Apple this stretches right back to the iPhone X. The major changes are in the display, and it’s tough to tell that the screen will be running with a 120 Hz refresh ‘ProMotion’ display, offering smoother scrolling and more responsive graphics. 


Neither can you see the return of TouchID, which will be implemented with an under-screen sensor (much like countless Android smartphones over the last few years). Apple may have improved FaceID to account for the rise of masks in the current environment, but sometimes what you really need is a fingerprint reader.

, New Images Reveal Apple’s Stunning iPhone 13 Pro, The Nzuchi News Forbes

What you can see, if you’ll pardon the pub, is the inclusion of a telephoto lens in the camera assembly.

Previously this was restricted to the iPhone 12 Pro Max; this year it looks set to be featured in both the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. As more features and specs are shared between the Pro and Pro Max, I wonder how radical this differences will be, or if these will purely be differentiated by size and storage, much as the MacBook Pro range.

What these rendered images can’t tell is the final decision that Tim Cook will make. There is the small matter of the western world’s fascination with triskaidekaphobia. There’s chatter online that we will, in fact, see the iPhone 12s instead of the iPhone 13 family.

Now read the latest details on the upcoming MacBook Pro…

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