, PATRÓN Partners With Designer John Geiger To Launch Streetwear Collection Celebrating Tequila And Mexican Art, The Nzuchi News Forbes

PATRÓN Partners With Designer John Geiger To Launch Streetwear Collection Celebrating Tequila And Mexican Art

, PATRÓN Partners With Designer John Geiger To Launch Streetwear Collection Celebrating Tequila And Mexican Art, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Take your love of tequila to the next level with PATRÓN’s newest collaboration with famed designer John Geiger. Just in time for National Tequila Day, a limited-edition streetwear collection inspired by the history of Mexican street art is launching.

The PATRÓN x John Geiger streetwear collection is inspired by the work of Mexican street artist, SENKOE, who designed the tequila brand’s limited-edition 2021 Mexican Heritage Tin. The 2021 PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin is covered in a one-of-a-kind design that illustrates the Tree of Life interweaved with vivid imagery of the creation of the universe. 

Senkoe’s work is inspired by many things, particularly pre-Hispanic art and the world of dreams. Other inspiration comes from botanical illustration, literature, comics, caricatures, nature and the sea. In his career so far he’s collaborated with brands like Converse, Illegal Squad and with TV channels like Exa TV and HBO. 

Accoring to Gallery 19, “Senkoe’s work is a continuous reference to the discourse of identity present in the use and reinterpretation of pre-Hispanic aesthetics, the use of textiles and handcrafted references in the imaginary, mystical and typical pre-Columbian cultures, mixed with current references like pop culture, graphic design and illustration.”

That said, the collection and overall collaboration embodies the intersection between streetwear and street art while highlighting the mastery that goes into creating a piece of art, a fashion collection and a handcrafted tequila. 


“For the past five years, PATRÓN has released a limited-edition Mexican Heritage Tin that visually shares the history, traditions and culture of Mexico through spirited designs created by local Mexican artists. With this year’s theme highlighting Mexican street art, we collaborated with fashion designer, John Geiger, to showcase the parallels between SENKOE’s street art and streetwear.” said Chloe Lloyd-Jones, Vice President of PATRÓN Tequila in North America, PATRON Tequila.

“The Mexican Heritage Tin allows us to pay homage to our home and our Mexican roots while celebrating the craft and attention to detail it takes to develop our tequilas – we’re thrilled to be collaborating with two extremely talented creators that share the same level of commitment and passion for their craft.”

The collection features a long sleeve shirt with an image of a jimador farmer harvesting the Blue Weber agave that tequila is made from and collectible socks, all incorporating John’s signature bright-colored accents. The PATRÓN x John Geiger streetwear collection will be available for purchase starting July 24, at JohnGeigerCo.com. Available in limited quantities, the socks retail at $30 and the long sleeve shirts at $85.

“In designing the PATRÓN x John Geiger streetwear collection, I was inspired by the colorful and rich history of Mexican street art in SENKOE’s design for the Mexican Heritage Tin and handcrafted legacy of PATRÓN. Over the years I have admired SENKOE’s work and how passionate he is about where he is from, using his murals to reclaim and beautify public spaces.” said John Geiger.

“I wanted this collection to represent the dedication that goes into craft – whether that be a bottle of PATRÓN tequila or a one-of-a-kind mural. There is so much dedication and character behind Mexican culture, and as a local artist, it is inspiring to see SENKOE convey it all through his work. With streetwear, it is important to bring together all aspects of cultural influences and the PATRÓN x John Geiger collection reflects that by paying homage to the hardworking people that create PATRÓN tequila from start to finish.

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