, Stars Call To ‘Free Britney’ After Her Bombshell Conservatorship Claims, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Stars Call To ‘Free Britney’ After Her Bombshell Conservatorship Claims

, Stars Call To ‘Free Britney’ After Her Bombshell Conservatorship Claims, The Nzuchi News Forbes


Fellow entertainers showed their support for pop singer Britney Spears Wednesday after she asked a judge to release her from the conservatorship she’s been under for more than a decade, claiming the arrangement is “abusive” and leaves her with little freedom to make her own choices.

Key Facts

Fellow 90’s pop acts Mariah Carey and Brandy was were the first to wish spears well: Carey wrote on Twitter, “We love you Britney!!! Stay strong” while Brandy said she was sending all her “love and support” to Spears and her fans, adding the hashtag “#FreeBritney.”

“[It’s the] oldest trick in the playbook of the patriarchy: declare a woman mad and gain control of her assets [and] property. [It’s] been happening for centuries,” singer-songwriter Liz Phair wrote on Twitter in response to Spears’ testimony.

Meghan McCain, a host of the talk show The View, questioned how Spears’ accusations don’t amount to human rights abuses: “Isolation, controlling her capacity to reproduce without her consent, forcing her to work under inhumane conditions. If she were any other person, the people who did this to her would be in jail,” McCain said on Twitter.

, Stars Call To ‘Free Britney’ After Her Bombshell Conservatorship Claims, The Nzuchi News Forbes

“We love you SO MUCH,” tweeted singer Tinashe, who collaborated with Spears on the 2016 track Slumber Party.

“I hope with my whole heart she is awarded freedom from this abusive system. She deserves it more than anything. I admire her courage speaking up for herself today,” singer Halsey tweeted.


Spears’ claim she has not been allowed to remove an IUD so she can have another child grabbed the attention of Planned Parenthood Action Fund president Alexis McGill Johnson, who labeled it as reproductive coercion. “Your reproductive health is your own — and no one should make decisions about it for you,” Johnson wrote on Twitter.

Key Background

During a rare virtual court appearance Wednesday, Spears spoke publicly for the first time about wanting to end her conservatorship, telling a Los Angeles judge she has few freedoms to make her own decisions in her day-to-day life and is exploited financially. “The only similar thing to [this situation] is called sex trafficking,” Spears said. Spears has been under a conservatorship since 2008, after the singer had several high-profile breakdowns. Conservatorships are usually reserved for the elderly or those with cognitive limitations, but Spears has continued her career as one of the world’s most popular artists even after a judge ruled her unfit to make her own decisions.

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