, Target, Hasbro Create Shopping-Themed Monopoly Game, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Target, Hasbro Create Shopping-Themed Monopoly Game

, Target, Hasbro Create Shopping-Themed Monopoly Game, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Target now has its own version of a Monopoly game.

Instead of being rewarded for bold spending, the player who saves the most wins. Instead of buying properties and hotels, you fill a shopping basket with groceries, clothes, housewares or other items found at a Target store, and compete to see who can save the most at checkout.

Players are encouraged to use the game’s version of the RedCard (the Target rewards credit and debit cards) and Target Circle (the retailer’s loyalty program) tokens to maximize their savings.

There’s no Boardwalk or Park Place in this game, but the board has the traditional Go, In Jail, and Free Parking squares, along with Chance and Community Chest cards.

The Community Chest cards are decorated with Target.com delivery boxes and players get punished with jail for transgressions like falling asleep on a display of throw pillows, or leaving their to-go coffee cup on a store shelf.

Target says the Monopoly: Target Edition lets shoppers experience the fun of a “Target run” or shopping trip while playing the game. Target collaborated with toy manufacturer Hasbro, which owns the Monopoly brand, to create the game.


Nik Nayar, senior vice president, hardlines, at Target, in a blog post announcing the game, said it is “the latest example of how we are always exploring new ways to spark moments of joy with all of our guests within our curated assortment of fan-favorite and Target-exclusive games and toys.”

, Target, Hasbro Create Shopping-Themed Monopoly Game, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Target will begin taking online pre-orders for the $24.99 game on June 25, and it will be available in stores and online Aug. 1.

There have been hundreds of licensed, themed versions of Monopoly produced over the years, from town and city versions featuring specific local landmarks, to editions tied to nearly every movie or entertainment property, from Star Wars to the Friends TV show. Most of those were produced by USAopoly, which had the license to make custom and themed versions of Monopoly.

The Target game, however, is a direct partnership with Hasbro. Jeff Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of Hasbro Gaming, said in a statement that “Hasbro is excited to team up with Target to bring their unique shopping experience to life.”

Target Monopoly drops at a time when game sales are soaring, and when online shopping and curbside pickup are replacing traditional “Target runs”. Games and puzzles were best sellers at Target stores in 2020, with more than 5.5 million puzzles sold.

A Target store in the East New York section of Brooklyn was the chain’s top seller of Monopoly games in 2020, selling more than 2,000 of them.

Target is touting the game as the first Monopoly tied to a retailer. But Monopoly.fandom.com, a wiki for Monopoly fans, lists a Monopoly: Sephora Edition released in 2006 that featured the beauty retailer. It was published by USAopoly. In that game, players bought and traded beauty products with the goal of owning a Sephora store.

It’s hard to know exactly who the target audience is for a Target Monopoly game. Target, in its blog post about the game, predicts collectors, game lovers, and Target fans will rejoice at the news. Perhaps the best reason to buy one can be found in a search for the discontinued Sephora Monopoly game.

That game can be found for sale on Amazon.com for $149.95, and on eBay priced between $19.99 and $44,99. Odds are good the Target Monopoly will one day be a collectors item too.

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