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Through The Month Of May, These 25 Shows Have Dominated Netflix In 2021

Each week, I’ve continued to update what’s known as the 2021 Netflix rankings—aka the shows that have cultivated the most viewers over the course of the year. And as new programs flood onto the Netflix platform each successive month, the Top 25 rankings continue to change and expand.

Each new month, then, becomes an important marking point for the evolution of the Top 25. At the end of each month, we dig a little deeper into the numbers to survey how each of the most popular shows on Netflix was able to rise so high on the 2021 rankings.

And since May is now coming to a close, we’ve got a fresh Top 25 to peruse through. According to the Top 10 charts on Netflix, these shows have dominated the platform the most in 2021.

*Designates all newcomers to the list that weren’t part of the Top 25 in April.

25. L.A.’s Finest – 110 points

24. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn – 111 points*

23. The Irregulars – 112 points

22. The One – 118 points


21. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel – 133 points

20. Fate: The Winx Saga – 136 points

19. The Upshaws – 140 points*

18. StartUp – 141 points*

17. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer – 153 points

16. Cobra Kai – 157 points

15. The Serpent – 160 points

14. The Baker and the Beauty – 160 points

13. Henry Danger – 162 points

12. Jupiter’s Legacy – 168 points*

11. Good Girls – 181 points

10. Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio – 195 points

Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio has had its shining moments on the daily Netflix charts this year, reach as high as the #3 position back in early February. But the true story for the biopic series has been consistency, as Jenni Rivera has appeared on the Top 10 charts 56 total times in 2021—the fifth most of any show on Netflix this year (and the tenth most ever).

, Through The Month Of May, These 25 Shows Have Dominated Netflix In 2021, The Nzuchi News Forbes

On the all-time rankings, Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio currently ranks in 35th place.

9. Behind Her Eyes – 199 points

Between February and March, Behind Her Eyes had quite the showing. The thriller’s 28 consecutive appearances on the daily Netflix charts included seven straight days in the #1 spot. Earlier in the year, that was good enough to land amongst 2021’s top five positions on the yearly rankings.

On the all-time rankings, Behind Her Eyes currently ranks in 34th place.

8. Shadow and Bone – 208 points*

Ginny & Georgia and Who Killed Sara? have spent the most time atop Netflix’s daily rankings—but in third place, surprisingly, sits Shadow and Bone. It has been the only series, in fact, to spend its first 12 days in the top spot. That arguably makes the debut for Shadow and Bone the most successful one yet for a Netflix show in 2021.

On the all-time rankings, Shadow and Bone currently ranks in 28th place.

7. The Circle – 222 points

Netflix has tried its hand at a few reality shows now, with Love is Blind arguably being the most successful. But now it seems like The Circle has also found its footing on the platform, as the program’s second season was incredibly fruitful between the months of April and May. While The Circle only spent three days in the #1 position on the daily charts, the reality show also enjoyed ten appearances in the second place position.

On the all-time rankings, The Circle currently ranks in 27th place.

6. Firefly Lane – 238 points

Unlike several other shows that spent their first seven days atop the Netflix rankings, Firefly Lane had incredible longevity that allowed it to rise higher and higher up the 2021 charts. In total, the drama spent 37 days on the Top 10 before falling off in early March.

On the all-time rankings, Firefly lane currently ranks in 23rd place.

5. Who Killed Sara? – 333 points

Who Killed Sara? is having a year for the books. While, yes, the murder mystery has benefitted from two seasons that premiered in 2021, the program has also proved that its popularity is no fluke the second time around. The current season of Who Killed Sara? has so far nabbed eight days in the first place position—six short of the first season, which spent 14 days in the top spot. That total of 22 days is the fourth most ever on Netflix.

On the all-time rankings, Who Killed Sara? currently ranks in 12th place.

4. iCarly – 359 points

Ginny & Georgia might have had the longest Top 10 streak of any newcomer on Netflix this year. But in second place, unexpectedly, was iCarly. The Nickelodeon program experienced a whopping 53-day streak on the daily charts between February and April.

On the all-time rankings, iCarly currently ranks in ninth place.

3. Bridgerton – 438 points

If we date these rankings back to last year, then Bridgerton would be higher on the list. But within the confines of 2021, there’s been so much competition that not even a viral program from Shonda Rhimes could nab the top spot. Bridgerton’s historic Netflix run has included 19 days atop the Netflix rankings—12 of which occurred this year.

On the all-time rankings, Bridgerton currently ranks in third place.

2. Ginny & Georgia – 465 points

It has been a wild year for Netflix’s most unexpected new hit. Ginny & Georgia hit the ground running with its debut season, spending 29 consecutive days in first place on the daily Top 10 rankings—a streak that topped Tiger King to become a new Netflix record.

On the all-time rankings, Ginny & Georgia currently ranks in fourth place.

1. CoComelon – 836 points

Don’t expect the #1 program on Netflix to change anytime this year—or ever, for that matter. CoComelon (which was 2020’s most popular program as well) has dominated the world’s most popular streaming platform with such ease over the past several months that it’s hard to believe any series could ever catch up. Of the 148 eligible days that have passed so far in 2021, CoComelon has been on the Top 10 charts for 144 of them.

On the all-time rankings, CoComelon currently ranks in first place.

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