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Twitter Reacts To No MacBook Pro At WWDC 2021

Despite predictions from elite Wall Street securities firms, no new MacBook Pros materialized at WWDC 2021.

Both Morgan Stanley and Wedbush claimed that redesigned MacBook Pros would make an appearance at WWDC which concluded on Monday afternoon.

“Based on our checks, we believe it’s likely Apple launches a new MacBook featuring in-house designed silicon,” Morgan Stanley said about WWDC 2021. WedBush made similar claims.

However, just before the Apple event, a reliable leaker (via MacRumors) said there would be no Mac hardware announcements.

That proved to be the most reliable prediction.

Twitter was full of tweets lamenting the fact that a new MBP 14 and MBP 16 failed to show.


What’s expected later this summer or fall for MacBook Pro 14 and 16:

, Twitter Reacts To No MacBook Pro At WWDC 2021, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Two chips planned: Apple has two chips in the works codenamed “Jade C-Chop” and “Jade C-Die,” according to Bloomberg.

Updated CPU specs: both will be 10-core CPUs packing “eight high-performance cores and two energy-efficient cores,” according to Bloomberg.

Updated GPU specs: options for the GPU will be 16-core or 32-core, according to the report. This means more power for high-end tasks such as video editing.

—Compared to current M1: The current M1 in the MacBook Pro 13 has an 8-core CPU, with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores and an 8-core GPU.

RAM: support for up to 64GB of RAM. The M1 MBP 13 maxes out at 16GB.

Physical MacBook design changes: More energy-efficient processors will allow Apple to use more extreme thin-and-light chassis designs as it shrinks the overall size of a MacBook. A radical example of thinness is expected with next MacBook Air, while the next mainstream MacBook Pro is expected to squeeze a 14-inch display into roughly a 13-inch* chassis.

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