, WWE 2K22 Must ‘Hit Different’ With Post-Release Content, The Nzuchi News Forbes

WWE 2K22 Must ‘Hit Different’ With Post-Release Content

The WWE 2K22 information has come out incrementally, but there are still Andre the Giant-sized gaps between what we know and what we don’t about the upcoming game.

The tagline is “It Hits Different,” and part of 2K delivering on this promise can be seen in the developers giving the community a slight peek behind the curtain as each of 2K’s teams is putting the game together.

The pre-release hype and information are critical, but one area that needs to hit differently is the post-release content and support.

Traditionally, WWE video games haven’t offered updates highlighting the pushes and decline of wrestlers on the game’s roster. Often, we see wrestlers who were rated lowly when the game was released become champions or major contenders. Their attributes become outdated and no longer match the performer we’re watching during the week.

, WWE 2K22 Must ‘Hit Different’ With Post-Release Content, The Nzuchi News Forbes

Even movesets and finishers can change. Adding this element to WWE 2K games would give fans of the series something to look forward to monthly. Perhaps the update could be connected to the promotion’s upcoming monthly pay-per-view event. Melding those things together would seemingly be great for engagement, and most importantly, it seems like a fun new layer for the WWE 2K community to enjoy.

WWE 2K isn’t a pure sports title, but that’s the genre it is most closely related. Every sports video game franchise has roster updates. At this point, it’s tough to imagine playing games like Madden, MLB The Show, and FIFA without that element as a part of the experience. Even EA UFC, perhaps the closest real sports comparison to WWE, has regular updates.


A monthly moves and attributes update for WWE 2K would be just one way to ensure the new game hits differently.

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