, WWE NXT Results: Winners, News And Notes With Fallout From Karrion Kross Loss, The Nzuchi News Forbes

WWE NXT Results: Winners, News And Notes With Fallout From Karrion Kross Loss

, WWE NXT Results: Winners, News And Notes With Fallout From Karrion Kross Loss, The Nzuchi News Forbes

WWE NXT is likely to feature follow-up from Karrion Kross suffering his first loss in his WWE Raw debut against Jeff Hardy. After Kross choked out Samoa Joe at the conclusion of last week’s Great American Bash broadcast, Samoa Joe is advertised to issue a response as his seemingly inevitable return to the ring nears.

WWE NXT also advertised a WWE NXT Women’s Championship match between Raquel Gonzalez and Xia Li as well as a tag team match pitting cruiserweight champion Kushida and Bobby Fish against The Diamond Mine. NXT also advertised an NXT Breakout Tournament match between Odyssey Jones and Andre Chase.

Last week’s broadcast of WWE NXT for the Great American Bash television special garnered 705,000.

  • July 13, 2021—705,000
  • July 6, 2021—654,000
  • June 29, 2021—636,000
  • June 22, 2021—665,000
  • June 15, 2021—695,000

WWE NXT—Key Competition 

  • NBA Finals—Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks, Game 6

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WWE NXT Total YouTube Viewership Last Week: 2,054,793 (Up from 1,507,371 views)

  • Most-Viewed: Karrion Kross vs. Johnny Gargano (413,461 views)
  • Least-Viewed: Kyle O’Reilly Promo (76,320 views)
  • Median Viewership: 165,196 views

WWE NXT Results: Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Samoa Joe Calls out Karrion Kross


Karrion Kross’ loss to Jeff Hardy was not mentioned, which is perfectly fine with me. The only reference to the match was Samoa Joe mentioning a “field trip to Raw.” NXT is essentially operating as a completely separate territory that does not tie into WWE canon, and this was made even more obvious when Charlotte’s NXT Championships were omitted from her world title total last night.

Kushida and Bobby Fish def. Roderick Strong and Tyler Rust

The Diamond Mine still seems like it’s in search of a purpose.

The crowd was really into Bobby Fish throughout this match, which is a pleasant surprise given how he was unceremoniously beaten by Tyler Rust last week.

Franky Monet def. Jacy Jane

As is becoming a theme in Franky Monet matches, this match was way more competitive than it needed to be. Having said that, Jacy Jane looked good.

It appears as if Mandy Rose interrupting a Sarray match was only a coincidence as her business is now solely dedicated to Franky Monet. Knowing WWE/NXT booking, this is likely to lead to a strange bedfellows tag team.

Kyle O’Reilly def. Austin Theory

Austin Theory was made to go it alone, and this was never more apparent than when he went for a high-five and was left hanging because nobody else was there.

Kyle O’Reilly’s latest dart against the wall appears to be channeling his inner Shamrock as a man who is liable to “snap.” That’s great and all, but after the failure that was “Cool Kyle,” I won’t hold my breath for this to catch on.

Mariachi Madness Musical

Based on Santos Escobar’s promo alone, they were they immediately became de facto heels of this storyline, but when Hit Row interrupted them, they were booed as well.

Top Dolla said “You Escobar like Santos, I’m Escobar like Pablo,” and proceeded to say Legado del Fantasma smells like “gato.”

In a surprise to nobody, the crowd had no idea how to react to this Heel vs. Heel feud.

, WWE NXT Results: Winners, News And Notes With Fallout From Karrion Kross Loss, The Nzuchi News Forbes

By the end of this segment, the audience voted, with chants of “Swerve!”

Odyssey Jones def. Andre Chase—WWE NXT Breakout Tournament

Odyssey Jones appeared to be paying homage to Nation of Domination-era Mark Henry with his ring gear.

Andre Jones dropped a diving Chase in a scary spot.

I was very surprised at the number of bumps Jones took in this match, even if it was just a couple.

Drake Maverick def. LA Knight

Given how this saboteur butler storyline is playing out, I consider Drake Maverick to be the favorite in this match.

Parts of this match, with LA Knight directing Cameron Grimes where to stand, reminded me of Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth.

Does this make Drake Maverick the No. 1 Contender for the Million-Dollar Championship?

Raquel Gonzalez def. Xia Li—WWE NXT Women’s Championship

Raquel Gonzalez was treated as the heel in yet another Heel vs. Heel showdown.

Based on the size difference alone, This match was like an episode of Tom and Jerry.

Xia Li has never lost since her transformation, which is all the more reason they should have saved this match for pay-per-view.

Raquel Gonzalez had even more innovative offense in this match, will she ever run out?

Xia Li appeared to be legitimately injured after Gonzalez landed her entire body weight on Li with a twisted splash.

Karrion Kross Confronts Samoa Joe

This whole show built to a Karrion Kross appearance, and it was via satellite.

There was a tight shot on Karrion Kross, so you knew he attacked somebody, and when the camera zoomed out, that somebody turned out to be William Regal.

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